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Research Symposium Uploads

You are also encouraged to upload your poster and other materials to be a persistent part of our website where you can later direct people to learn about your work (e.g. a link on your CV).   See the 2023 symposium for an idea of how this may look. 

Options include:
  • Upload a .jpg or .jpeg of your poster with your narrative text explanation. See an example.
    – OR –
  • Upload your poster and include a link to a recording of your audio narration explaining it. See an example.
    – OR –
  • Upload your poster and include a a link to the recording of a narrated slide show explaining your research. Examples are here and here.
How to:
  • Please upload your materials using the form below*.
  • Audio and video recordings should be no longer than 5 minutes, please. Save  your audio in .mp3 or .m4a format, or upload it to SoundCloud. Make sure that your audio or video file is shareable.
  • Zoom provides an easy way to record your video presentation.
  • Find info on creating a narrated PowerPoint here (PC) and here (Mac).
  • You may also upload a .pdf file of your presentation slides.

*If you have difficulty with the form, use this link.

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