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News from our faculty affiliates

New study questions the importance of meat eating in shaping our evolution – J. Tyler Faith

Report on pre-planning for public housing recovery in Utah – Divya Chandrasekhar

New research outlines how pine needles offer a simple, low-cost means of assessing particulate matter pollution – Pete Lippert

Dust threatens to destroy Utah’s snow – McKenzie Skiles

California mice eat monarch butterflies – Denise Dearing

How the Matterhorn sways; measuring rock arch motion to the Swiss Alps – Jeff Moore

Using math to understand changing polar environments – Kenneth Golden

Desert shrubs cranked up water use efficiency to survive a megadrought – Jim Ehleringer

The relationship between Megaherbivore extinctions and wildfires – J. Tyler Faith

Evolutionary history influences woodrats’ microbiomes – Denise Dearing

Methane emissions: Falling, but leaking – John Lin

In dry years, rivers become birds’ crowded corridors – Çağan Şekercioğlu

Roman noblewoman’s tomb reveals secrets of ancient concrete resilience – Marie Jackson

Human behavior sabotages CO2-reducing strategies – Lazarus Adua

Patterns of income and urbanization impact mammal biodiversity in the concrete jungle – Austin Green, PhD candidate, Şekercioğlu group.

How society’s inequalities showed in COVID outcomes – Daniel Mendoza and Tabitha Benney

Predicting if and when wildfire smoke will reach us – Heather Holmes

3-D printed replicas reveal swimming capabilities of ancient cephalopods –  Kathleen Ritterbush

Harmful algal blooms in Utah – Ramesh Goel

How air pollution changed during COVID-19 in Park City – Daniel Mendoza and Tabitha Benney

What factors put Philippine birds at risk of extinction? – Çağan Şekercioğlu

U contributes to first-ever nationwide mammal survey  – Austin Green, PhD candidate, Çağan Şekercioğlu

How mammals fare in human-disturbed environments – Austin Green, PhD candidate, Çağan Şekercioğlu

How a rare atmospheric event amplified the 2019 Australian wildfires – Thomas Reichler

Microscopic fossils record ancient climate conditions – Peter Lippert

Indigenous land-use reduced catastrophic wildfires on the Fish Lake Plateau – Brian Codding