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Research Funding

The GCSC has had the opportunity to provide funding to catalyze and support interdisciplinary research conducted by both faculty and students.

Graduate student research grants support  interdisciplinary projects combining the student’s thesis interest with another area of focus. Graduate students who conduct interdisciplinary projects benefit from exposure to other fields of study, gaining a broader perspective on approaches to research questions. Go here to see past funded student research projects.

Interdisciplinary faculty seed grants aim to help foster new interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary sustainability and global / environmental change research that leads to new scholarly publications and future external grant funding. View the funded projects.

Wasatch Environmental Observatory (WEO) seed grants have supported interdisciplinary research and collaborations between academic units. Research teams are utilizing WEO data resources in investigations at the intersection of Wasatch Front air, water, and health. View the funded projects.

The SEED2SOIL program aims to leverage the world-class research capacity of the University of Utah to generate ideas and knowledge that can improve campus operations while also contributing broader knowledge and/or application. SEED2SOIL is a collaborative effort from the University of Utah’s Facilities Sustainability & Energy group; Planning, Design, & Construction; the Sustainability Office; and the Global Change and Sustainability Center. View the funded projects.