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Student Funding

"This small-grant program is a terrific help to students...It greatly enhances the collaborative nature of research on campus."

Graduate Student Research and Travel Funding

Buechley banding a bird while children look on
Evan Buechley banding birds in Ethiopia. The GCSC funded his project with Dr. Cagan Sekercioglu, "Conservation agriculture: A study of birds, ecosystem services, and the ecology of Ethiopian coffee farms"

As part of our commitment to graduate training, the Global Change and Sustainability Center has provided ~600 grants to graduate students to further their research and professional development.

Research funding reinforces the importance of expanding research beyond a single discipline. Graduate students who conduct interdisciplinary projects benefit from exposure to other fields of study, gaining a broader perspective on approaches to research questions.

Professional development funding supports graduate students’ continued professional development.

Travel funding supports student participation in professional meetings, opening the door to a number of important benefits. Students have the opportunity to present their research to peers and professionals in the field. Networking at professional meetings can not only lead to potential collaborations and other professional opportunities, but students are also likely to gain an expanded view of the discipline, its culture, and how their research interests fit into the broader landscape.

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The Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund is another funding opportunity for students (both graduate and undergraduate), faculty, and staff from all disciplines and departments to engage in projects that enhance the sustainability of our campus and community.

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