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Where there is water, there is life. Societies are presented with the challenge of maintaining healthy and plentiful water resources through an era of unprecedented population growth and global change. Here in the semi-arid intermountain west, the growing demand for water and the threat of changing water resources creates a complex system of climate, hydrology, infrastructure, policy, and land use. Globally, complex political, social and economic systems create challenges for water security that are being addressed with new educational and infrastructure programs. Researchers at the University of Utah are working on both local and global scales to understand and solve the challenges of water sustainability.

water flowing over rocks


Red Butte Creek is a unique natural asset that presents a special opportunity for the University of Utah in support of research, education, and outreach. The GCSC has been engaged in efforts to realize the potential of this resource at the U of U.

Society, Water, and Climate Initiative – A new, interdisciplinary faculty cluster. connecting research on hydrology, air quality, climate change, societal response, and policy, in order to lead society towards sustainable water solutions in a changing world.

University of Utah researchers collaborated in the iUTAH project, an interdisciplinary research and training program aimed at strengthening science for Utah’s water future.

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