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Kevin Fagundo-Ojeda

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En Masse: (dis)organization and (dis)placement in Holyoke

– Kevin Fagundo-Ojeda

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 I’m a first year PhD student of Metropolitan Planning, Policy, and Design at the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s in Community Development. My PhD advisor is Dr. Ivis Garcia-Zambrana. My research interests include resiliency, disaster recovery, and displacement. For my dissertation I will be working on the health outcomes of Puerto Ricans in the US displaced by Hurricane Maria.
[bs_citem title=”Abstract” id=”citem_4203-7976″ parent=”collapse_fc2e-d59c”]Disasters can impact the wellbeing of communities. There is a need to better support disaster refugees in their new host cities. My research tries to understand the link between the wellbeing of displaced communities and how the civic sector can increase community resiliency by collaborating with governments. My research question is how are migration, resiliency, and wellbeing being addressed by local governments, and non-profit organizations? The City of Holyoke, Massachusetts, received the highest number of Puerto Ricans per capita in the U.S. after Hurricane María, will be used as a case study. My study will employ both surveys and interviews aimed at understanding collaboration between government agencies and the non-profit sector to improve the wellbeing, recovery, and resiliency of displaced communities. These findings will be relevant to planners and others interested in bringing together the concepts of resiliency, planning and social determinants of health to the discipline.