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2019 Research Symposium Presentations

The annual Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium features research projects from students from across campus. The event on February 13, 2019 featured presentations from students in 14 different departments.

Last Name First Name Department Poster title Author(s)
Ackroyd Chelsea Geography Spatial and temporal snow cover distribution in the Himalaya using MODSCAG Chelsea Ackroyd, McKenzie Skiles, Joachim Meyer, and Karl Rittger
Angizeh Farhad Electrical & Computer Engineering Stochastic Scheduling of Onsite Solar Power Generation for Large Customers Farhad Angizeh, Masood Parvania
Arfan Muhammad Civil & Environmental Engineering Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Flow Variability of the Indus River Muhammad Arfan, Dr. Ghulam Nabi,
Baker Kensey Parks, Recreation & Tourism Sustainable trail use along the Wasatch Front: Indicators and thresholds for outdoor recreation crowding Kensey Baker
Chris Zajchowski
Jeff Rose
Banerjee Debolina City & Metropolitan Planning Perceptions of a Wicked Problem: Situation Assessment of Water Quality Issues in The Jordan River Watershed Debolina Banerjee, Dr. Sarah Hinners, Dr. Brett Clark
Berg Elizabeth Geology & Geophysics Seismic Imaging of the Bonneville Salt Flats Elizabeth Berg, Fan-Chi Lin, Amir Allam, Jeremiah Bernau, Evan Kipnis, Brenda Bowen, Santiago Rabade
Bernau Jeremiah Geology & Geophysics Evaporation rates across a Flooding-Evaporation-Desiccation cycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats Jeremiah Bernau, Brenda Bowen, Alexei Pere
Blair Hailey Biology Identification of Banded Empidonax Flycatchers using DNA Barcoding Hailey Blair, Cagan Sekercioglu
Blevins James Anthropology Sustainable Intertidal Resource Use: Developing Modern Baselines to Explain Prehistoric Human Impacts James K Blevins
Breckenridge Zak Environmental Humanities Graduate Program The University of Utah's College of Engineering: Excavation and Disanthropic History Zak Breckenridge
Brussel Thomas Geography Estimating the modern functional diversity gradient from pollen data Thomas Brussel, Simon Brewer, Andrea Brunelle, Mitchell J. Power
Cox Mazie Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program Paleoclimate reconstruction of fire history in Range Creek Canyon Mazie Cox, Benjamin Marconi, Andrea Brunelle
DeMarco Angelina Anthropology Social Networks and Health Outcomes in Rapòn, Haiti Angelina L. DeMarco
Flores Aaron Geography Disparities in Health Impacts and Access to Care among Houston Area Residents After Hurricane Harvey Aaron B. Flores, Timothy W. Collins, Sara E. Grineski (University of Utah), Jayajit Chakraborty (University of Texas at El Paso)
Ghaemi Zahra Mechanical Engineering How greenhouse gas emissions change toward metrics at urban and nation scale. Zahra Ghaemi, Amanda D. Smith
Graves Quinn Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program Reconstructing the paleoecology of climate and vegetation change from a ciénega on the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, Mexico Quinn Graves, Jennifer Watt, Andrea Brunelle, Brett Clark
Green Austin Biology Where the Wild Things are: Wildlife Conservation through Community Science and Camera Traps Austin Green, Mary Pendergast, Allison Jones, Lisa Thompson, Lewis Kogan, Cagan Sekercioglu
Hartley Jordin Geography Reconstructing a Fire Record and Vegetation History Record for a Whitebark Pine Site in the Western United States Jordin Hartley, Jennifer Watt
Heyer Joshua Geography Challenges and Issues Constructing an Age-Depth Model from an Oxbow Lake in eastern Utah Josh Heyer, Andrea Brunelle, Zachary Lundeen, Tammy Rittenour, Bérangère Leys, Mitchell Power
Jamal Rubayat Civil & Environmental Engineering Assessing microbiological water quality in drinking water distribution system in Hyderabad, Pakistan Rubayat Jamal
Johnson Ryan Civil & Environmental Engineering Declining Great Salt Lake Environmental Health: Identifying Historical Watershed Consumption as a Function of Urbanization and Variable Winter Precipitation Ryan Johnson, Steven Burian
Jones Kaylee Geography Camels Back Cave and Simpson Spring, Utah: A case study for linking archaeological and paleoecological histories in the Bonneville Basin. Kaylee Jones, Andrea Brunelle, Isaac Hart, Jenni DeGraffenried, Rachel Quist
Joyner Leah Parks, Recreation & Tourism Reframing Agritourism Towards Indigenous Perspectives Joyner, Leah., Yagüe, Blanca.
Keeler Durban Geography Estimates of annual surface mass balance from radar for the West Antarctic Divide using the Probabilistic Automated Isochrone Picking Routine Durban Keeler, Summer Rupper, Richard Forster, Clem Miege, Lora Koenig
khanzada Rafia Civil & Environmental Engineering Development of monitoring method for zinc toxicity by thiosulfate-oxidizing bacteria (TOB) bioassay Rafia Khanzada, Naveed Ahmed Qambrani
Khatami Roohallah Electrical & Computer Engineering Continuous-time Stochastic Modeling and Estimation of Electricity Load Roohallah Khatami, Masood Parvania, Pramod Khargonekar, Akil Narayan
Krueger Joey Geography Examining the Influence of Tropical Pacific Sea-Surface Temperatures on Annual Surface Mass Balance in West Antarctica Joey Krueger, Summer Rupper, Court Strong
Lackey N. Qwynne Parks, Recreation & Tourism “Now is Not the Time to Take a Breather”: U.S. Federal Land Management Agency Professionals’ Perceptions at the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977 N. Qwynne Lackey, G. David McNay, Chris Zajchowski
Lee Seungyub Civil & Environmental Engineering Redundancy Quantification of Water Distribution System using Time-dependent Graph Theory Seungyub Lee, Steve Burian
Legorburu Gabriel Mechanical Engineering Multi-Objective Optimization - Waste Heat Recovery Systems in Food Processing Gabriel Legorburu
Levine Zacharia City & Metropolitan Planning Discovering Gateway and Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) Communities in the Western US Zacharia Levine
Li Ke Geology & Geophysics Rotation Dynamics of Rod-shaped Colloids with Surface Charge Heterogeneity Ke Li
Huilian Ma
Li Jiada Civil & Environmental Engineering Explore the Potential of Fuzzy Logic Control Algorithm to Mitigate Flooding in Sugar House Drianage System Jiada Li, Steven Burian, Carlos Oroza
Magargal Kate Anthropology How firewood access structures settlement patterns Kate Magargal
Mailloux Savannah Geography Mapping Vitality in Utah's Salt Lake County Savannah Mailloux, Monisha Pasupathi, Timothy Collins
Marconi Benjamin Geography Exploring Coupled Human-Natural Relationships: Mutli-Proxy Geochemical Evidence of Depositional Heterogeneity in Cherry Meadows, Range Creek Canyon Benjamin Marconi
Margairaz Fabien Mechanical Engineering Effect of the land surface thermal patchiness on the Atmospheric Boundary Layer through a quantification of the dispersive fluxes Fabien Margairaz, Eric Pardyjak, Marc Calaf
Maric Emina Mechanical Engineering Stability Effects on the Evolution of Very Large Scale Motions as the Atmospheric Surface Layer Transitions through Neutral Thermal Stability Emina Maric, Meredith Metzger
Meyer Joachim Geography Assessing Structure from Motion snow surface elevations over Senator Beck Basin, CO Joachim Meyer, S. McKenzie Skiles
Mohammadi Farshad Electrical & Computer Engineering Coordinated Scheduling of Power Generation and Water Desalination Units Farshad Mohammadi;
Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani
Morrison Travis Mechanical Engineering Measuring spatiotemporal albedo: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipped with a low-cost albedo measurement package Travis Morrison, Greg Torkelson, Marc Calaf, Eric Pardyjak
Newell Marianne Geography A 2,000-4,000 yr. BP Analysis of Sediment Cores from the Bonneville Basin NEWELL, M.; BRUNELLE, A.; HART, I.; DEGRAFFENRIED, J.
Nicolosi Emily Geography Add to the Map! Evaluating Digitally-Mediated Participatory Mapping for Grassroots Sustainabilities Emily Nicolosi, Jim French, Richard Medina
Kaedan O’Brien, David B. Patterson, Kayla Allen, Maryse D. Biernat, David R. Braun, Amanda "Billie" Guerrero, Amanda McGrosky, Felipe Torres, and J. Tyler Faith
Oikonomou Konstantinos Electrical & Computer Engineering Deliverable Energy Flexibility Scheduling for
Active Distribution Networks
Konstantinos Oikonomou, Masood Parvania, Member, and Roohallah Khatami
Olsen McKinley Civil & Environmental Engineering Pathogen Monitoring and Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Secondary Water in Cache Valley, UT McKinley Olsen, Jennifer Weidhaas
Olson Matthew Geography Spatial and temporal changes in radiative forcing on glaciers in High Mountain Asia Matthew Olson, Summer Rupper, McKenzie Skiles
Pinegar Haruka Metallurgical Engineering Recovery of Valuable Materials from End-Of-Life Lithium Ion Batteries for Recycling Haruka Pinegar, York Smith
Plewe Kaden Mechanical Engineering Modeling Temporal Variation in Externalities Related to Electricity Purchases in Buildings Kaden Plewe, Amanda D. Smith
Podder Aditi Civil & Environmental Engineering Nitrogen Management in Treatment of Complicated Urban Waste-streams Aditi Podder, Ramesh Goel
Post Emily Anthropology The State of Social Support in a Community Impacted by Hurricane Maria 1 Year Later Emily Post
Rafique Ahmed Civil & Environmental Engineering Evaluation of Reservoir Operation Alterations to Improve Water Supply, Hydropower Generation, and Flood Control Performance of Tarbela Dam Ahmed Rafique, Steven Burian, Erfan Goharian
Rea-Downing Grant Geology & Geophysics Further Development of the Magnetization of Evergreen Needles as a Proxy for Air Quality in Salt Lake City Grant Rea-Downing, Peter Lippert, Brendon Quirk, Courtney Wagner
Rice Marian Political Science The Energy-Water Nexus: Energy Extraction in the Uinta Basin Marian L. Rice, Ph.D. Candidate
Riley Collin Geography Characteristics of Extreme Precipitation Events in High Mountain Asia as Inferred from High Resolution Regional Climate Modeling Collin Riley, Summer Rupper, William J Steenburgh, Courtenay Strong, Adam Kochanski
Rubio Ricardo Sociology Unequal exposure to cancer-causing hazardous air pollutants based on ancestry in the United States Ricardo Rubio, Sara Grineski, Timothy Collins, and Danielle X. Morales
Sahulka Sierra Civil & Environmental Engineering Characterization, Disinfection Kinetics, and Gene Expression of Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens in Response to Chlorination Sierra Quinn Sahulka, Dr. Ramesh Goel
Sonani Jiya Civil & Environmental Engineering Assessment of copper toxicity in water using thiosulfate-oxidizing bacteria (TOB) bioassay Jiya Sonani, Naveed Ahmed Qambrani
Stanislawski Brooke Mechanical Engineering Aiming to enhance efficiency of utility-scale solar farms through large-eddy simulations Brooke Stanislawski, Marc Calaf, Raul Cal
Tagore Pratiti City & Metropolitan Planning What matters in neighborhood safety? - A study of four Salt Lake City neighborhoods Pratiti Tagore; Sarah Jack Hinners; Paul Larrabee Wason; Carly Feikes Lansche
Terry Ben Civil & Environmental Engineering Modeling Hydrologic Performance of Bioretention
for Cold Climates in SWMM
Benjamin Terry
Thomas Jermy Mechanical Engineering Pilot Study on how indoor environmental and physiological variables affect human thermal comfort Jermy Thomas, Amanda D. Smith
Torosin Nicole Anthropology The evolution of TLR7 and TLR8 in YFV endemic areas Nicole Torosin, Leslie A. Knapp, Patrice Corneli
Tran Dana Civil & Environmental Engineering ION EXCHANGE OF NTO WASTEWATER Dana Tran, Saraswati Poudel Acharya, Jennifer Weidhaas
Tremble Keaton Biology The role of symbiotic soil fungi in aspen herbivore defense Keaton Tremble, Bryn Dentinger
Tysor Deborah Parks, Recreation & Tourism Modeling the Influence of Air Quality on Visitor Behavior: U.S. Federal Land Management Professionals’ Perceptions Tysor, D., Zajchowski, C., Brownlee, M., & Rose, J.
Vernon Kenneth Anthropology Red Butte Research Natural Area: A Rich Legacy of Human Activity Kenneth B. Vernon, Kate E. Magargal, L. Brock James, Savanna Agardy, Tom Flanigan, and Brian F. Codding
Wagner Courtney Geology & Geophysics Magnetofossil, Magnetic Particle, and Microfossil Assemblages in a Subtropical Coastal Environment: Environmental Change across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Courtney Wagner, Peter Lippert, Peter Stassen, Robert Speijer, Ellen Thomas
Wilson Kurt Anthropology The Marginal Utility of Inequality Kurt Wilson
Brian Codding
Yagüe Blanca Anthropology Urban Food Justice: BUG Farms Urban CSA & the Glendale Neighborhood Blanca Yagüe and Leah Joyner
Yaworsky Peter Anthropology Archaeological Potential of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Peter M. Yaworsky, Kenneth Blake Vernon, Brian F. Codding.

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