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2018 Research Symposium Presentations

The symposium was held February 15, 2019.

First Name Last Name Department Title Author(s)
Chelsea Ackroyd Geography Estimating changing snow water resources over the Himalaya from remote sensing at the weekly scale Chelsea Ackroyd, McKenzie Skiles, Joachim Meyer, Cedric David, and the NASA-JPL/ICIMOD SERVIR Team
Anwar Alsanea Civil & Environmental Engineering Utah Lake Eutrophication: Algae blooms and the role of Sediment-Water Column Interactions Anwar Alsanea, Hanyan Li, and Ramesh Goel.
Emerson Arehart Biology Modeling Sustainable Harvesting Strategies for the Wild Edible Mushroom Boletus loyo Emerson Arehart, Bryn Dentinger
Vanessa Bailey Geography Modeling vegetation distribution and carbon sequestration in the Pacific Northwest Vanessa Bailey, Simon Brewer
Kate Baustian Geography Distribution of Wet Snow In Western Washington Mapped with Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Kate Baustian, Summer Rupper, Rick Forster, McKenzie Skiles
Jeremiah Bernau Geology & Geophysics Utilizing surface textures to understand change dynamics at the Bonneville Salt Flats Bernau,Jeremiah; Wetterlin, Lily; and Bowen, Brenda
Brian Blaylock Atmospheric Sciences High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Model Statistics on the Open Science Grid Brian Blaylock, John Horel
Jim Blevins Anthropology Prehistoric, Historic, and Contemporary Exploitation of Red Abalone Along the Northern California Coast James K. Blevins
Pamela Bogust Metallurgical Engineering Recycling of Metals from Photovoltaic Panels Pamela Bogust
Benjamin Breeden Geology & Geophysics Contextualizing the Rise of Dinosaurs in North America: A Chemostratigraphic Investigation of the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary Interval in Northeastern Arizona Benjamin Breeden
Cedar Briem Geography Sediment Core Analysis at Staley Spring Cedar Briem
Devon Cantwell Political Science Exploring Alternative Frameworks for Global Cooperation on Human Security Devon Cantwell
Dong-ah Choi City & Metropolitan Planning Mapping and Measuring the Urban-Wildland Juxtaposition Dong-ah Choi, Ph.D. Student
Sarah Jack Hinners, Assistant Professor
Jeff Rose, Assistant Professor
Keunhyun Park, Ph.D. Candidate
Mike Christensen City & Metropolitan Planning An Intrastate Passenger Rail System for Utah Using Existing Union Pacific Tracks Mike Christensen
Gemma Clark Civil & Environmental Engineering The Effect of Nanomaterials on E. coli Growth Gemma Clark, Jennifer Weidhaas, Ramesh Goel
Casey Clifford Environmental Humanities Graduate Program Breathing Through Masks Casey, Clifford
Kevin Craft Atmospheric Sciences Improved Land Surface Parameters for the Bonneville Salt Flats Kevin Craft
Sunayna Dasgupta Civil & Environmental Engineering Urban Agriculture Using Grey Water-Effect of Engineered Nanoparticles Sunayna Dasgupta, Aiswarya Rani Pappu and Ramesh Goel
Ruan de Lange Parks, Recreation & Tourism The Best of the Best:
Understanding sustainable tourism through WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award Finalists
Kelly Bricker
Ruan de Lange
Riley Finnegan Geology & Geophysics Helicopter-induced resonance of Two Bridges, Bryce Canyon National Park Riley Finnegan, Jeff Moore, Paul Geimer
Dale Forrister Biology Pest pressure rather than resource competition drives negative density dependence in the tree genus Inga (Fabaceae) on Barro Colorado Island, Panama Dale L. Forrister, Maria Jose Endara, Thomas A. Kursar and Phyllis D. Coley
Christopher Foster Atmospheric Sciences Constraining Emissions of Methane in Utah’s Uintah Basin with Ground-based Concentration Observations and a Time-Reversed Lagrangian Transport Model (STILT) Christopher Foster, Erik Crosman, Lacey Holland, Derek Mallia, Ben Fasoli, Ryan Bares, John Horel, John Lin
Logan Frederick Geology & Geophysics Source Identification for particle-bound metals in the San Juan River System Frederick, Logan; Fernandez, Diego; Cerling, Thure, and Johnson, William
Andrew Gelderloos Geology & Geophysics Quantifying the Interaction between Climate and Landscape on Water Resources Andrew Gelderloos, William Anderegg, Rachel S. Gabor, D. Kip Solomon, Courtenay Strong, Paul D. Brooks
Ian Glenn Atmospheric Sciences Cold pool organization and the merging of convective updrafts in a Large Eddy Simulation Ian Glenn, Steven Krueger
Austin Green Biology Evaluating Camera-Trap Survey Design in the Central Wasatch Mountains Austin Green, Mark Chynoweth, Cagan Sekercioglu
Myrna Groomer Geography Paleoecological reconstruction of ancient Lake Bonneville through sediment analysis Myrna Groomer
Nipun Gunawardena Mechanical Engineering A Low-Cost Instrumentation Deployment for Environmental Monitoring During KASCADE 2017 Nipun Gunawardena, Eric Pardyjak, Pierre Rubin, Pierre Durand, Thierry Hedde, Florian Dupuy, Anup Khadka
Vedansh Gupta Civil & Environmental Engineering Management of Dissolved Methane in Anaerobic Effluents Vedansh Gupta, Ramesh Goel
Carly Hansen Civil & Environmental Engineering Monitoring Water Quality and Bank Vegetation of the Jordan River using Low-Cost UAV Carly Hansen, Casey Duncan, Sam Chesebrough, David Wheatley
Shruti Hegde Chemical Engineering Household Indoor Particulate Matter (PM) Measurement Using a Network of Low-Cost Sensors Shruti Hegde, Kerry Kelly
Josh Heyer Geography A Paleoenvironmental Record from an Oxbow Lake near the Dolores and Colorado Rivers Confluence, Utah Josh Heyer
Dr. Andrea Brunelle
Dr. Simon Brewer
Dr. Bérangère Leys
Dr. Mitchell Power
Dr. Zachary Lundeen
Nolan Ingersoll Mechanical Engineering Electrochemical Cell Fabrication for in situ µNMR Analysis Nolan Ingersoll
Eric Johnson Geography Sensitivity of Glacier Mass Balance Estimates to the Selection of WRF Cloud Microphysics Parameterization in the Indus River Watershed Eric Johnson, Summer Rupper, Jim Steenburgh, Court Strong, Adam Kochanski
Kaylee Jones Geography Paleoecological Reconstructions of the Bonneville Basin Using Sediment Archives from Desert Springs Near Dugway Proving Ground, UT. Kaylee Jones
Ahmed Karimi Civil & Environmental Engineering Microbial Contamination in Surface water and Tracking Ahmed Karimi, Ramesh Goel
Kamaljeet Kaur Chemical Engineering Toxicity of Combustion Derived Particle on Lung Cells: Comparison Mass vs. Particle Number Doses K. Kaur, R. Mohammadpour, I.C. Jaramillo, H. Ghandehari, K. Kelly
Durban Keeler Geography Spatiotemporal trends in snow accumulation across West Antarctic Divide from radar and shallow firn cores Durban G. Keeler, Summer Rupper, Richard R. Forster, Clément Miége, Simon Brewer Lora Koenig
Evan Kipnis Geology & Geophysics Evaporite mineral resources and landscape change: 57 years at the Bonneville Salt Flats Evan L. Kipnis, Brenda B. Bowen, Jessie Pechmann
Qwynne Lackey Parks, Recreation & Tourism Theodore Roosevelt National Park Community Engagement Study: Initial Findings on Trans-boundary Current Relationships and Collaboration Opportunities N. Qwynne Lackey, Ruan de Lange, Leah Joyner
Brooke Larsen Environmental Humanities Graduate Program Layers Exposed: Climate Justice on the Colorado Plateau Brooke Larsen
Seungyub Lee Civil & Environmental Engineering Water Distribution System Pipe Replacement Cycle Determination using Triple Top Line based Sustainability Metrics Seungyub Lee and Steven Burian
Jory Lerback Geology & Geophysics A Geochemical and Anthropological Approach to Studying Springs in the Bonneville Basin Jory Lerback
Hanyan Li Civil & Environmental Engineering All about cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in Utah Lake Hanyan Li, Ramesh Goel
Ke Li Geology & Geophysics Deposition Dynamics of Rod-shaped Colloids during Transport in Porous Media Ke Li, Huilian Ma
Henry Lilly Parks, Recreation & Tourism Dimensions of outdoor recreational use in an urban-proximate protected area: City: Demographic Trends and Spatiotemporal Projections of Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah Henry Lilly, Jeff Rose
Jewell Lund Geography Glacier and snow hydrology investigation in the Upper Indus Basin using Synthetic Aperture Radar Jewell Lund
Richard R Forster
Summer B Rupper
Cody Lutz City & Metropolitan Planning Collaborative Planning in the Zion National Park Region Cody Lutz
Torrey Lyons City & Metropolitan Planning An Assessment of Social Equity in Transit Service in Salt Lake County: Developing a new methodology for quantifying social equity promotion through transit service Torrey Lyons
Kate Magargal Anthropology The Ecology of Cooking with Firewood Kate Magargal
Meaghan McKasy Communication Comparative Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Climate Change Meaghan McKasy, Jessica Pechmann, Vanessa Bailey, Julia Howe
Farshad Mohammadi Electrical & Computer Engineering Coordinated Operation of Power Generation and Water Desalination Farshad Mohammadi, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani
Travis Morrison Mechanical Engineering Development of a New Methodology for Computing Surface Sensible Heat Fluxes using Thermal Imagery Travis J. Morrison, Marc Calaf, Harindra J.S. Fernando, Timothy Price, & Eric Pardyjak
Marianne Newell Geography Study of Utah’s Climate History by Analysis of Lake Cores Collected from Lake Bonneville Sites Marianne Newell, Kaylee Jones, Andrea Brunelle
Emily Nicolosi Geography Geographies of Grassroots Innovations for Sustainability Emily Nicolosi, Richard Medina
Nadia Nishu Civil & Environmental Engineering Comparison of Centralized and Distributed Water Supply Infrastructure for
Small Communities
Nadia Nishu, Steven Burian, Christine Pomeroy
Konstantinos Oikonomou Electrical & Computer Engineering Optimal Coordination of Water Distribution Energy
Flexibility with Power Systems Operation
Konstantinos Oikonomou, Masood Parvania
Matthew Olson Geography Topographic forcing and related uncertainties on glacier surface energy balance in High Mountain Asia Matthew Olson, Summer Rupper, David Shean
James Owen Law Multiparty Negotiation Simulations: Oil & Gas Development Project James Owen, Michele Straube
Sallahuddin Panhwar Metallurgical Engineering Synthesis of l-Cysteine Capped Silver Nanoparticles in Acidic Media
at Room Temperature and Detailed Characterization
Sallahuddin Panhwar, Syeda Sara Hassan, Rasool Bux Mahar, Krista Carlson
Keunhyun Park City & Metropolitan Planning Not Parking Lots But Parks: The Impact of Urban Parks on Sustainable Travel Behavior in Station Areas Keunhyun Park, Guang Tian, Reid Ewing
Ashley Parker Anthropology When is a horse not a horse? It depends on your local ecology. Ashley K. Parker, Lisa Johnson, Kate E. Magargal, Marianna di Paolo, and Brian F. Codding
Alexei Perelet Mechanical Engineering Investigating scintillometer source areas Alexei Perelet
Helen Ward
Eric Pardyjak
Ross Petersen Atmospheric Sciences Experimental Study of Turbulent Flow Inlet System Performance Ross Petersen, Gannet Hallar, Igor Novosselov, Ian McCubbin, Doug Lowenthal, John Ogren, Riley Gorder, and Rick Purcell
Jordan Pieper Architecture Aging in Place, Life-Space Mobility Tool JordanPieper
Aditi Podder Civil & Environmental Engineering Implementation of Circular Economy in Solid Waste Management Aditi Podder, Ramesh Goel
Emily Post Anthropology Gender Bias in Reputation Access Emily Post, Alexa Sime, Shane Macfarlan
Saraswati Poudel Acharya Civil & Environmental Engineering Environmental Occurrences of Herbicide Safeners Benoxacor and Furilazole Saraswati Poudel Acharya; Jennifer Weidhaas
David Proffitt City & Metropolitan Planning Can Transportation Planning Put Greenhouse Gas Reduction in the Express Lane? Evidence from California’s SB 375 and Oregon’s SB 1059 David Proffitt
Khalid Rashid Chemical Engineering Dynamic Simulation and Control of a solar/Natural Gas Hybrid Power Plant Khalid Rashid, Kody Powell
Anna Rasmuson Geology & Geophysics Influence of surface roughness on microbial transport Anna Rasmuson, Eddy Pazmino,Shoeleh Assemi, William Johnson
Grant Rea-Downing Geology & Geophysics Spatial Distribution of Particulate Matter on Pine Needles from North Campus Drive, University of Utah: Developing a Magnetic Proxy for Air Quality Courtney Wagner, Geology and Geophysics; Brendon Quirk, Geology and Geophysics
Marian Rice Political Science Caffeine Demonstrates Anthropogenic E. coli: Drives Policy Change Marian L. Rice, PhD Candidate
Collin Riley Geography Seasonal and Intraseasonal Precipitation Variability in High Mountain Asia Collin Riley
Yuanrui Sang Electrical & Computer Engineering Economic Benefit Comparison of D-FACTS and FACTS in Transmission Networks with Uncertainties Yuanrui Sang, Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani
Pratibha Sapkota Civil & Environmental Engineering Nutrient removal by vegetation of semi-arid Bioretention Pratibha Sapkota,Christine Pomeroy
Tofigh Sayahi Chemical Engineering Laboratory and Field Evaluation of the PlanTower PMS low-cost air quality sensors Tofigh Sayahi, Kerry E. Kelly.
Derek Schriner Civil & Environmental Engineering Flood Hydrograph Creation Using Web Services for Data Retrieval Matt Chaney, Derek Schriner
Warren Scott Geography Using remote sensing to detect the Greenland perennial firn aquifer Warren Scott, Rick Forster
Avery Smith Chemical Engineering Fault Detection in Energy Systems To Provide Environmental and Economical Security Avery Smith
Robert B. Sowby Civil & Environmental Engineering High-Resolution Energy Intensity Modeling to Improve Water Distribution System Performance Robert B. Sowby, Steven J. Burian
Brooke Stanislawski Mechanical Engineering Numerical simulation of the interaction between large solar panel arrays and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Brooke Stanislawski, Gerard Cortina, Raul B. Cal, Marc Calaf
Ian Summers Communication The Revolution that Never Was? Rhetorical Enactments of the Oppressed Rural
Frontiersman at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Ian Summers
Pratiti Tagore City & Metropolitan Planning Determining safety score of a community: Effect of crimes, crashes and built environment Pratiti Tagore
Nicole Torosin Anthropology The evolution of TLR7 and TLR8 in yellow fever virus endemic areas Nicole Torosin, Leslie A. Knapp
Jacob Tuttle Chemical Engineering Coal Combustion Optimization and Improved Power Plant Performance Using Machine Learning Jacob Tuttle
Mark Rutherford M.Eng
Kody Powell Ph.D.
Amarachi Umunnakwe Electrical & Computer Engineering High-Level Integration of Electric Vehicles and Associated Harmoics Amarachi Umunnakwe
Robert Underwood Materials Science & Engineering Optimizing Synthesis Conditions for Metal-Organic Framework-Derived Carbon Anodes for Sodium-Ion Battery Applications Nolan Ingersoll, Robert Underwood
Kenneth Vernon Anthropology HUMAN PLANT USE IN RED BUTTE CANYON Kenneth B. Vernon
Jonathan Wagner Geography Modeling stream discharge in the Tuolumne River Basin using broadband albedo and snow
depth standard deviation from ASO data, 2013-2016
Jonathan Wagner
McKenzie Skiles
Ryan Williams Civil & Environmental Engineering The Impact of Metal Nanoparticle Contamination on the Inactivation of Wastewater Bacteriophages Williams, Ryan
Emily Willis-Sylvester Political Science MAKING CITIES COOL AGAIN:
Emily Willis-Sylvester
Kurt Wilson Anthropology The Marginal Value of Inequality Kurt Wilson
Blanca Yagüe Anthropology BUG Farms: an urban CSA in Salt Lake City, Utah. A case study. Yagüe, Blanca. Joyner, Leah.

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