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2017 Research Symposium Presentations

Last Name First Name Department Poster title
Agee Alley Communication Sustainability and Climate Change in Nuclear Energy: How Nuclear Scientists and Engineers Understand their Role in Building a Sustainable Future
Albertsen Anna Environmental & Sustainability Studies Possible Benefits Of Ectomycorrhizal Infection Of Conifer Seedlings
Amici Autumn Biology Use of Fluorescent Powder to Measure Lichen Dispersal in Red Butte Canyon, Utah
Bartlow Andrew Biology The effect of pinyon-juniper invasion on mammal and parasite communities in the Great Basin.
Bashir Mahreen Environmental Humanities Postcolonial Poetics, Or Investigations Into Intimacy, Shared Violence & Resilience
Bertana Amanda Sociology Doctoral Dissertation: Environmentally Induced Migration in Fiji
Bianchi Carlo Mechanical Engineering Effects Of Urban Environment's Structures Over Solar Irradiance Availability
Blair Hailey Biology Biodiversity Along The Wildland-Urban Interface Of Red Butte Creek
Calderon Jennifer Civil & Environmental Engineering Impact of Mineralization on Nitrogen Removal from Bioretention Systems in a Semi-arid climate
Campbell Leah Atmospheric Sciences The Chilean Orographic and Mesoscale Precipitation Study (CHOMPS): Field Program Description and Initial Results
Castillo-Rosado Hector Environmental & Sustainability Studies At Alta Ski Area
Catharine Douglas Atmospheric Science Evaluating Anthropogenic Carbon Emissions in the Urban Salt Lake Valley through Inverse Modeling: Combining Long-term CO2 Observations and an Emission Inventory using a Multiple-box Atmospheric Model
Chamberlain Jarom Metallurgical Engineering Energy Effecient Production of Titanium Powder for Additive Manufacturing
Christensen Mike City & Metropolitan Planning The Beehive State: An Intrastate Passenger Rail System for Utah Using Existing Union Pacific Tracks
Cooke Melanie Geography Utah Lake through the Holocene: A Paleoecological Study
Cortina Gerard Mechanical Engineering Wind Farm Density and Harvested Power in Very Large Wind Farms: a Low-Order Model
Dasgupta Sunayna Civil & Environmental Engineering Response of Granular and Conventional Activated Sludge Processes Under External Perturbations: Process Performance and Microbial Ecology
Dhungel Sulochan Civil & Environmental Engineering Statistical Modeling of Watershed-scale Evapotranspiration
Diaz Virginia Mechanical Engineering Dissolvable Conducting Polymers for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Duncan Casey Geology & Geophysics Development of a low-cost UAV and multispectral camera for Remote sensing applications
Dye Colter Biology Kestrels on Campus
Fallahi Zahra Mechanical Engineering A Comparison Of Commercial Building Retrofits Using Energyplus For Energy And Emissions Savings
Fischer-Femal Brenden Geology & Geophysics Do Pedogenic Carbonates Record Climatic Seasonality Responses to Rapid Global Warming?
Forrister Dale Biology Chemocoding as an identification tool where morphological- and DNA-based taxonomic methods fall short: Inga as a case study
Frederick Logan Geology & Geophysics An Overview of the US Magnesium Superfund Site
Gatti Elise Health, Kinesiology, & Recreation Interactions between seasons, weather, landscape, and urban outdoor recreation: A conceptual model
Gelderloos Andrew Geology & Geophysics Quantifying Interactions of Climate and Landscape on Water Resources
Groves Maria Geography Modern pollen assemblages and their relationship to contemporary vegetation in Range Creek Canyon, Utah
Grygar George Parks, Recreation & Tourism Using GPS Visitor Tracking to evaluate visitor travel patterns at
Cumberland Island National Seashore
Hansen Carly Civil & Environmental Engineering A Tale of Two Lakes: Evaluating Spatial and Temporal Patterns in the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake
Hegde Shruti Chemical Engineering Portable TiO2 Nanotube Sensor for the Detection of Benzene at Room Temperature
Heidarifar Majid Electrical & Computer Engineering Continuous-Time Flexible Charging Control of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Herman Jordan Biology The ecology of a parasitic nest fly (Protocalliphora occidentalis) and its western bluebird hosts
Horns Joshua Biology Geolocator tracking of great reed warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) identifies key regions of importance to migratory wetland specialists throughout the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa
Huth Tyler Geology & Geophysics Paleoclimate and Paleoecology of Central Utah during the Past ≈200,000 Years from Soil Carbonate Pendants
Hynes Alyssa Rose Geography History of the Bonneville Basin: A Vegetation and Fire Record from Redden Springs Proper, UT, USA
Jamborsalamati Pouya Electrical & Computer Engineering Enhancing Distribution System Resilience by Autonomous Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources
Jameel Mohd Yusuf Geology & geophysics Water losses in Salt Lake valley during warm, dry years
Jones Cassidy Parks, Recreation, & Tourism The George Wright Society Student Chapter at the University of Utah: Interdisciplinary Thinking about Parks and Protected Areas Management
Juarez Olivia Peace & Conflict Studies Salt Lake Excess: Transportation-Based Food Recovery
Khatami Roohallah Electrical & Computer Engineering Continuous-time Generation Scheduling for Ramping Scarcity Healing
Kipnis Evan Geology & Geophysics Multidecadal comparison of stable isotope and major ion geochemistry in a shallow brine aquifer
Kuntz Jonathon Biology Impacts of Ecological Information on Shark Fin Soup Consumption
Lackey Nancy Health, Kinesiology, & Recreation Behind the Green Curtain: A Deeper Look into the Sustainability Practices in the Old Faithfull Area of Yellowstone National Park
Larsen Brooke Environmental Humanities Building Global Solidarity for Climate Justice at COP22
Leback Jory Geology & Geophysics Trends in Gender Bias Across Earth and Space Science Scholarly Publishing
Li Ke Geology & Geophysics Transport Modeling of Ellipsoidal Colloids with Surface Charge Heterogeneity
Magargal Kate Anthropology Did prehistoric people affect fire regimes in southern Utah?
Mallia Derek Atmospheric Science Integrating wildfire plume rises within atmospheric transport models
Mancuso Christy Biology Fingernail Stable Isotopes Reveal Travel History and Distinguish Between Resident and Non-Residents
Margairaz Fabien Mechanical Engineering Dispersive fluxes in the Surface Energy Balance over heterogeneous surfaces, a LES study
McKasy Meaghan Communication Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Climate Change and Sustainability: A University of Utah Study
McNew Sabrina Biology Galapagos mockingbirds lose tolerance to introduced nest parasites in dry years.
Millington Mallory Geology & Geophysics Quantify Controls On Stormwater Quality In Red Butte Creek
Morrison Travis Mechanical Engineering A methodology for computing spatially and temporally varying surface sensible heat flux from thermal imagery
Mueller Joshua Geography Ecological change in the British virgin islands over the last 2000 years
Nguyen Lam Mechanical Engineering Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Applications in an Urban/Suburban Area
Nishu Nadia Jannath Civil & Environmental Engineering Analysis of water supply solutions for intermittent delivery in developing countries
Oikonomou Konstantinos Electrical & Computer Engineering Integrating Water Distribution Energy Flexibility in Power Systems Operation
Painter Crystal Atmospheric Sciences Relationships between Tropical Rainfall Events and Environmental Conditions
Parker Ashley Anthropology Geophytes and Controlled Burning Experiments at Red Butte Garden
Perelet Alexei Mechanical Engineering A Study of Scintillometry Derived Heat Fluxes over a Vineyard.
Proffitt David City & Metropolitan Planning Can State Planning Mandates Influence MPOs? Evidence from California’s SB 375 and Oregon’s SB 1059
Putman Annie Geology & Geophysics Precipitation Stable Isotopes Indicate Hydroclimatic Change Since 1965
Rashid Khalid Chemical Engineering Dynamic Simulation, Control, and Design of a Novel Solar Thermal Hybrid Power Plant
Rasmuson Anna Geology & Geophysics An Overview of the US Magnesium Superfund Site
Roy Chowdhury Joyita Economics Community Cooperation and Resource Management: Survey and Experimental Evidence from rural Odisha, India
Sang Yuanrui Electrical & Computer Engineering Towards Sustainable Electric Energy Transmission Systems
Sayahi Tofigh Chemical Engineering Designing a Laboratory Chamber to Calibrate Particulate Matter Sensors
Schneider Gerald Biology Current Ambient Concentrations of Ozone in Panama Modulate the Leaf Chemistry of the tropical tree Ficus insipida
Silver Maya Environmental Humanities Disappearing Nations: Cultural Loss and Grief in Climate Refugees
Singh Bhavneet Geology & Geophysics Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli in Undisinfected Groundwater in FatehGarh Sahib District, Punjab, India.
Smith Kimberly Atmospheric Sciences A novel method for simulating stochastic daily air temperature and precipitation at multiple sites
Smith Rose Biology & Geology Sources and Cycling of Nitrogen in the Jordan River
Sowby Rob Civil & Environmental Engineering Energy Considerations for Sustainable Water Supply
Summers Ian Communication This land is your land? The role of identity within place-based disputes
Tagore Pratiti City & Metropolitan Planning Does location along an urban-rural gradient affect the likelihood of engaging in water saving behavior?
Tavakoldavani Hessam Civil & Environmental Engineering Rainwater Harvesting Ability to Control Climate Change Impacts on Combined Sewer Overflows
Thaisom Rungtip Management Roles of knowledge management on creative economy of sweet potato product to standard product on strengthening of sustainable living community, Thailand
Torosin Nicole Anthropology A comparative study of human and howler monkey Toll-Like Receptor 7 under the selective pressure of yellow fever virus.
Tran Thomas Mechanical Engineering Performance Analysis for Pressure Retarded Osmosis: Experimentation with High Pressure Difference and Varying Flow Rate, Considering Exposed Membrane Area
Wagner Courtney Geology & Geophysics Relating magnetotactic bacteria and microfossil assemblages in coastal environments to environmental change before, during, and after an abrupt global warming event
Watkins Olivia Geology & Geophysics Investigation of Hydrologic Controls on the Bonneville Salt Flats determined from Chemical Analysis of Well and Surface Brines by XRF Analysis
Wetterlin Lily Geology & Geophysics Micro-scale textures and composition in the sediments on the Bonneville Salt Flat
Wu Sin-Mei Geology & Geophysics Imaging subsurface hydrothermal structure using a dense seismic array in Yellowstone
Zajchowski Chris Health, Kinesiology, & Recreation Normative standards for alpine recreation during air pollution episodes

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