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2016 Research Symposium Presentations

Last Name First Name Department Poster title
Agardy Savanna Anthropology Archaeological Investigations of Red Butte Canyon
Barnett Joshua Communication Politics of Edibility: Reconceptualizing Ecological Relationality
Beckwith Carissa Environmental Humanities Nature's Agency within Fantasy Literature
Buechley Evan Biology Movement ecology of the globally endangered Egyptian vulture in the Middle East and North Africa
Burrillo Ralph Anthropology Altitude Effect in Precipitation δ18O on Cedar Mesa, Southeast UT
Campbell Leah Atmospheric Sciences Lake-Effect Mode and Precipitation Enhancement over the Tug Hill Plateau
Carter Vachel Geography Changes in fire regimes during the Holocene across the Rocky Mountains of the western United States
Carter Vachel Geography Changes in fire regimes during the Late Holocene across the Rocky Mountains of the western United States
Christensen Mike City and Metropolitan Planning The Beehive State: An Intrastate Passenger Rail System for Utah Using Existing Union Pacific Tracks. (note that Beehive State is in italics)
Chynoweth Mark Biology Human-wildlife conflict as a barrier to large carnivore management and conservation in Turkey
Fasoli Benjamin Atmospheric Sciences Mobile Platforms for Continuous Spatial Measurements of Urban Trace Gases and Criteria Pollutants
Feng Youcan Civil and Environmental Engineering Improving Evapotranspiration Mechanisms in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Storm Water Management Model
Frederick Logan Geology and Geophysics Reconstruction of the Páramo Paleoclimate Record in Tres Lagunas, Ecuador
Gatti Elise T. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Evaluating and Mapping Student Preferences for Trail Features and Potential Uses in the Red Butte Creek Riparian Corridor
Hang Chaoxun Mechanical Engineering A Comparison of Potential Temperature Variance Budgets Over Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Surface
Hansen Carly Civil and Environmental Engineering Google Earth Engine as a Platform for Making Remote Sensing of
Water Resources a Reality for Monitoring Inland Waters
Horns Joshua Biology Integrating Science, Education, Outreach, and Conservation through Hands-on Bird Ecology Research in the Red Butte Creek Riparian Corridor
Horns Joshua Biology Tracking the Intercontinental Migration of a Light-weight Songbird
Huth Tyler Geology and Geophysics Carbon isotopes of modern soil CO2 and their relationship to a soil carbonate paleorecord in Southern Utah
Jeglum Matt Atmospheric Science Nocturnal Valley Cold Air Pool Displacement on a Desert Mountain Slope
Jensen Derek Mech Eng Observations of the Influence of Soil Moisture on Katabatic Flow
Kipnis Evan Geology and Geophysics Influence of terrain and land cover on the isotopic composition of seasonal snowpack in Rocky Mountain headwater catchments impacted by bark beetle induced tree mortality
Magargal Kate Anthropology Modeling the Effects of Anthropogenic Fire on Foraging Decisions in the Great Basin
Margairaz Fabien Mechanical engineering Study of dealiasing schemes in pseudo­spectral methods for Large­-Eddy Simulations of incompressible flow
Miller Olivia Geology and Geophysics Initial In-situ Hydrologic Measurements of the Greenland Perennial Firn Aquifer
Moser Megan Parks Recreation and Tourism Using visual methods to understand visitors’ normative evaluations of glacial recession at
Kenai Fjords National Park
Parker Ashley Anthropology Numic Fires: Biogeography of Foragers and Fire in the Great Basin
Petheram Susan City & Metropolitan Planning Thinking Outside The Half-Mile Circle: Establishing Upper Bounds Of Transit-Supportive Neighborhoods
Proffitt David City + Metropolitan Planning Accessibility Planning in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Are We There Yet?
Rahman Aowabin Mechanical Engineering Simplified Modeling of Thermal Storage Tank for Distributed Energy Heat Recovery Applications
Raming Logan Geology and Geophysics Mineralogical Composition and Potential Dust Source of Playas in the Western U.S. and Australia as Remotely Identified Through Imaging Spectroscopy
Roy Chowdhury Joyita Economics Poverty Traps, Risk and Natural disasters: Micro evidence from rural Odisha, India
Scalzitti Jason Atmospheric Sciences High-Resolution Dynamical Downscaling of Wasatch Precipitation: Synoptic Effects on Winter Performance
Smith Kimberly Atmospheric Scienes Nonstationary Daily Stochastic Weather Generator for the Great Basin Region
Sogard Carol Art & Art History Marriott Library Recycle Bin Revival
Tavakol-Davani Hassan Civil and Environmental Engineering Watershed-scale Life Cycle Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting
Taylor Claire Environmental Humanities Animal Encounters: Artwork of the Wildlife of Red Butte Creek
Tian Guang City and Metropolitan Planning Student Travel: Evidence from 13 Diverse Regions of the United States
Torosin Nicole Anthropology A comparative study of human and howler monkey Toll-Like Receptor 7 under the selective pressure of yellow fever virus.
Veals Peter Atmospheric Sciences Climatological Characteristics and Orographic Enhancement of Lake-Effect Precipitation East of Lake Ontario and over the Tug Hill Plateau
Verbos Rose Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Weather Studies in Outdoor Recreation and Nature-based Tourism: A Research Synthesis and Gap Analysis
Ward Danielle Geography Laser Diffraction Analysis of Range Creek Canyon
Weintraub Samantha Geology & Geophysics Controls on soil and stream nitrogen cycling in a mountain to urban watershed
Zajchowski Chris Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Proximal wildlife viewing at Denali: An analysis of visitor preference and management practices

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