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2015 Research Symposium Presentations

Presenter Department Poster Title
Altschuler, Benjamin Parks, Recreation & Tourism Expanding traditional crowding research methods and theory
Bailey, Brian Mechanical Engineering A High-Resolution Canopy Radiation and Microclimate Model Based on GPU Technology
Buechley, Evan Biology Satellite tracking of the endangered Egyptian Vulture Neophron Percnopterus in the Middle East
Burnett, Nicole Biomedical Informatics A Framework for Validating Modeled Air Quality Data for use in Biomedical Research
Burrillo, Ralph Anthropology δ18O Variability in Water Sources on the Colorado Plateau:
Preliminaries to Stable Isotope Models of Prehistoric Irrigation
Campbell, Leah Atmospheric Sciences Finescale Orographic Precipitation Variability and Gap-Filling Radar Potential in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Chan, Allison Biology Ecohydrological and biophysical controls on carbon cycling in two seasonally snow-covered forests
Chavez, Vanessa Geography Interpreting the Seasonality of Precipitation in Northern Baja California for the Last ~35,000 Cal Yr BP
Chynoweth, Mark Biology Human-wildlife conflict in eastern Turkey: gaining perspective from community surveys
Cozen, Brian & O'Byrne, Megan Communications The Role of Scientist Communication Practices in Low Carbon Energy Policy
Endara, Maria-Jose Biology Divergent evolution in anti-herbivore defenses within species complexes at a single Amazonian site
Ervin, La’Shaye Biology Relationships between carbon (%C, δ13C) and nitrogen (%N, δ15N) and neighborhood age and income in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Salt Lake Valley
Feng, Youcan Civil & Environmental Engineering Impacts of Green Infrastructure on the Water Budget and Other Ecosystem Services in Subhumid Urban Areas
Frederick, Logan Geology & Geophysics Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater throughout the United States
Goharian, Erfan Civil & Environmental Engineering Integrated Urban Water Resources Modeling in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region using a Cyber-Infrastructure Framework
Jameel, Mohd Yusuf Geology & Geophysics Deciphering the source of carbon in the anthropogenically modified rivers of the Great Salt Lake basin
Kurnath, Patrice Biology The Role of Ambient Temperature on Toxin Ingestion by a Mammalian Herbivore
Levine, Zacharia City & Metropolitan Planning Place or Prozac? Environmental context, planning, and psychological depression
Lewis, Michael Anthropology Modeling Basketmaker II diets through stable isotope analysis of modern indigenous flora: field collection
Lucich, Stephen Mechanical Engineering Estimating Building CO2 Emissions Reductions with EnergyPlus for an Office in Salt Lake City
Magargal, Kate Anthropology Fetching Firewood: Access to fuels as a constraint for prehistoric settlement
Mallia, Derek Atmospheric Sciences Identifying and Quantifying the Impacts of Wildfires on Air Quality along the Wasatch Front
Massey, Jeffrey Atmospheric Sciences Soil Moisture Initialization and Temperature Forecast Biases over the semi-arid lowlands of the Intermountain West
Mendoza, Daniel, Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences Highly-resolved emissions and concentrations of CO2 and criteria pollutants in Salt Lake City
Meng, Ran Geography Landscape-scale effects of fire severity and post-fire drought on short-term vegetation regrowth of mixed-conifer and red fir forests in the Sierra Nevada of California
Miller, Julie Geography Space-borne observation of subsurface winter season liquid meltwater retention on the Wilkins ice shelf : Implications for ice shelf disintegration by plate-bending and hydro-fracture
Miller, Nathan Mechanical Engineering An Experimental Study of Transport in a Vineyard on a Hill
Mitchell, Logan, Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences Spatial and Temporal Observation of Urban Trace Gases and Pollutants in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah
Nemati Hayati, Arash Mechanical Engineering Large-eddy simulation of street canyons and urban microclimate using Uintah:MPMICE
Parker, Kylynn Biology Trends in bird communities in Red Butte Canyon over the past 22 years.
Pazmino, Eddy Geology & Geophysics Mechanistic Correlation Equation for Predicting Nano- and Micro-Particle Collision Efficiencies (α) in Granular Filtration under Environmental Conditions
Price, Timothy Mechanical Engineering A wind tunnel study of momentum transport in sparse perennial   agricultural canopies
Raczka, Brett, Ph.D. Biology; Atmospheric Sciences Testing the Community Land Model (CLM4.5) 13C isotope simulations for a subalpine forest at Niwot Ridge, Colorado.
Raming, Logan Geology & Geophysics Spatiotemporal Analyses of Environmental Conditions and Surface Processes at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Rasmuson, Anna Geology & Geophysics Comparing Assayed Surface Heterogeneity Under Low Versus Maximum Attachment Conditions
Schott, Willem Health Promotion vs. Education in Choosing "Real Food"
Schulze, Emily Biology Investigating the Persistence of a Snowpack Sublimation Signal in Xylem Water Throughout the Growing Season
Stoker, Philip City & Metropolitan Planning The Planner's Role in Urban Water Conservation
Tian, Guang City & Metropolitan Planning A Walk Trip Generation Model for Portland, OR
Tracy Maezumi, Shira Geography Neotropical Climate, Fire, and Vegetation Linkages of Local, Meso and Regional Scales.
Trauscht, Jacob Geology & Geophysics A Mechanistic Approach to Predicting Colloid Deposition onto Representative Aquifer Materials and Solution Chemistries in the Presence of an Energy Barrier
Tulley-Cordova, Crystal Geology & Geophysics Stable isotopes in precipitation, surface, and ground waters: Recording the North American Monsoon in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah
Varner, Johanna Biology Don’t crawl under a rock, look there for pikas! Engaging the public in climate- change science through surveys of a rock rabbit, the American pika
Verbos, Rose Parks, Recreation & Tourism Understanding visitors’ commitment to grizzly bear conservation at Denali National Park and Preserve
Walsh, Megan Civil & Environmental Engineering Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and Field-Collected Data to Determine Erosion and Sedimentation Effects of the Oil & Gas Industry in the Uinta Basin
Ward, Mercedes Sustainability Office Sustainability in Higher Education: Systemic Integration, Practice, and Legacy
Weintraub, Samantha Geology & Geophysics Climatic controls on the isotopic composition and availability of soil nitrogen in mountainous tropical forests.
White, Kathryn Parks, Recreation & Tourism A time use analysis of rock climbers in Indian Creek, Utah using GPS Visitor Tracking

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