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2014 Research Symposium Presentations

Last name First name Department Poster Title
Alexander Daniel Mechanical Engineering Development and Testing of a Spatially Resolved Urban Land Surface Model Utilizing Parallel Computing on Graphic Processing Units (GPUs)
Altschuler Benjamin Parks, Recreation & Tourism Perceptions of Climate Change on the Island of Providencia
Boulter Melinda Public Policy The Economic and Recidivistic Impact of Sustainability Programs on U.S. Correctional Systems
Buechley Evan Biology Conservation Agriculture: A study of bird communities on Ethiopian coffee farms
Chan Allison Biology The carbon isotopic composition of soil respiration in the decade following disturbance by bark beetle or stem girdling
Christensen Mike City & Metro Planning Air Quality Reduction Best Practices
Chritz Kendra Geology & Geophysics Uncovering isotopic indicators of monsoon-induced terrestrial ecosystem change in eastern Africa
Covarrubias Stephannie Biology Concurrent Sr/Ca Ratios and Bomb Test 14C Records from a Porites evermanni Colony on Kure Atoll: SST, Climate Change, Ocean Circulation and Management Applications
Ervin La'Shaye Biology Carbon and nitrogen in Bromus tectorum relates to neighborhood age and income in Salt Lake Valley
Feng Youcan Civil & Environmental Engineering Influence of Green Infrastructure on Urban Evapotranspiration and Stormwater Runoff in Semi-arid Climate
Gochenaur Rose Parks, Recreation & Tourism Measuring nature-based recreationists' beliefs in climate change: Occurrence and anthropogenic causation
Hackman Derek Economics Associations between the Wasatch front air pollution (winter inversion) during each gestational period and negative birth outcomes in Utah
Houdeshel Dasch Civil & Environmental Engineering Nitrogen Removal in Three Bioretention Systems Over One Year in a Semi-arid Climate
Jameel Yusuf Geology & Geophysics Impact of Anthropogenic activities on the Carbon budget of the Great Salt Lake, Utah
Jeglum Matthew Atmospheric Science The Mountain Terrain Atmospheric Modeling and Observations (MATERHORN) Program: Observations and Results
Jensen Derek Mechanical Engineering Assessing the validity of Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory over mountainous desert terrain
Kundu Moumita City & Metro Planning Composting Food Scraps in Salt Lake City, UT: Efficient method to divert methane emitting sources from landfill
Levine Zacharia City & Metro Planning Parks versus Prozac: Planning for public health
Lucich Stephen Mechanical Engineering Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reducton in the Salt Lake Valley
Magdol Zachary Civil & Environmental Engineering The Environmental Benefits and Impacts of Red Butte Garden on Red Butte Creek
Mallia Derek Atmospheric Science Quantifying the contributions of regional fire emissions to CO and CO2 concentrations in Salt Lake City, Utah, using a Lagrangian model (WRF-STILT)
Maron Carina Biology Does diet influence reproductive success of southern right whales at Península Valdés, Argentina?
Massey Jeffrey Geology & Geophysics Sensitivity of Near-Surface Temperature Forecasts to Soil Properties over a Dryland Region in Complex Terrain
McNew Sabrina Biology Assessing the cost of Haemosporidian infection through flight performance in Rock Pigeons (Columba livia)
Miller Olivia Geology & Geophysics Tracing dust provenance, cycling, and history in the Wasatch Mountains using strontium isotopes and tree rings
Pazmino Eddy Geology & Geophysics Colloid and Nanoparticles: New Filtration Theory
Petheram Sue City & Metro Planning “Using the Real Estate Market to Establish Light Rail Station Catchment Areas
Price Tim Mechanical Engineering Enhanced Atmospheric Turbulence Measurement System
Proffitt David City & Metro Planning A neighborhood-scale model for understanding heat island effects of new development
Qi Yi Geography "Spectroscopic Analysis of Temporal Changes in Leaf Moisture and Dry Matter Content"
Schneider Jerry Biology Assessing Trends in Anthropogenic Ozone within an Urban-influenced Tropical Forest and Examining the Effects of O3 on the Foliar Chemical Landscape
Sgalitzer Hilary Parks, Recreation & Tourism Travelers’ Philanthropy: Understanding Tourists’ Motivations to Financially Donate at Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Smith Kimi Atmospheric Science Coherence between Great Basin precipitation and low frequency Pacific Ocean variability in CMIP5
Tavakol-Davani Hassan Civil & Environmental Engineering Comparing Green and Gray Infrastructure Solutions for the Toledo Combined Sewer System in terms of Stormwater Runoff Control and Life Cycle Environmental Impacts
Thomas Paul Geology & Geophysics Barrier Complexes in the Deep Creek Mountains, UT as G.K. Gilbert’s “Intermediate Shorelines” of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville
Tracy Maezumi Shira Geography Holocene Climate Controls on Fire and Vegetation in Neotropical Cerrãdo Savanna Ecosystems
Trauscht Jacob Geology & Geophysics Reading the surface heterogeneity responsible for colloid deposition in the presence of an energy barrier
Tulley-Cordova Crystal Geology & Geophysics High frequency monitoring of stables isotopes in Red Butte Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah
Varner Johanna Biology Too hot to trot? Effects of wildfire disturbance on pika-relevant microclimates
Walsh Thomas Civil & Environmental Engineering A Sensitivity Analysis of the Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) Low Impact Development (LID) Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Function
Walsh Megan Civil & Environmental Engineering Unconventional Energy Development and Implications for Stormwater Permitting
Wheatley David Geology & Geophysics Soft Sediment Deformation and Injectites of the Jurassic Carmel Formation, Southern Utah: Sedimentary Records of Strong Ground

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