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2013 Research Symposium Presentations

Name Department Title
Alex Gonzalez Geology & Geophysics Geochemical and mineralogical evaluation of CO2-brine-rock experiments: Characterizing porosity and permeability variations in the Mount Simon Sandstone
Austin Orr Civil & Env Engineering Winter water balance of a semi-arid bioretention site
Cari Maron Biology Influence of diet on the reproductive success of southern right whales
Carolyn Stwertka Atmospheric Science The water balance of the urban Salt Lake Valley: a multiple-box model validated by observations
Crystal Tulley-Cordova Geology & Geophysics High frequency monitoring of stream water isotopes in Red Butte Creek
David Lubbers Electrical Engineering Fluid permeability of sea ice: Measuring electrical conductivity as a proxy for fluid permeability in polar sea ice
David Wheatley Geology & Geophysics Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimate records in sabkha deposits of the Jurassic Carmel Formation, Southern Utah
Derek Mallia Atmospheric Science Analyzing moisture transportation within Hurricane Sandy using stable isotopes and trajectory model perspective
Erin Spear Biology Phytopathogens as determinants of tree species distributions across a rainfall gradient
Gregory Maurer Biology Sources of variability in winter soil temperature moderation by mountain snowpacks
Hailing Zhang Atmospheric Science The impact of Ensemble-based data assimilation on the predictability of landfalling Hurricane Katrina (2005)
James Arnold Geography Modeling fire conditions in the Western United States using antecedent climate
Jennifer Watt Geography Bark beetle outbreaks and the role that vegetation plays in their disturbance ecology
Jerry Schneider Biology Change in the air: The foliar chemical landscape of tropical broadleaved rorests in the context of oxygenic and nitrogenous air pollution
Johanna Varner Biology Too hot to trot? Factors promoting pika survival in a time of global change
Jonathan Rutz Atmospheric Science A climatology of atmospheric rivers over the western United States
Katie Jensen Law Fire management policy and organization
Kimi Smith Atmospheric Science The hydrologic balance of the Wasatch Front: projected changes in climate and water availability
Lacey Holland Atmospheric Science Relationship between mixing heights and urbanization
Landon Newell Law Silviculture, categorical exemptions, and the Clean Water Act: Trying to see the forest for the trees
Maria Jose Endara Biology Towards sustainable insect management in agroforestry: The relevance of host plant defensive traits and phylogeny in determining herbivore host choice in the speciose Neotropical tree genus, Inga
Megan Houdeshel Law/Civil & Env Engineering Can green stormwater infrastructure coexist in the western legal landscape of prior appropriation law?
Mercedes Ward Anthropology Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainability
Nathan Miller Mechanical Engineering An experimental study of fungal spore dispersion in grape vineyards
Patrice Kurnath Biology Turning up the heat: Investigating the physiological effects of climate change on mammalian herbivorous
Philip Stoker City & Metropolitan Planning Metropolitan water demand models
Pratibha Sapkota Civil & Env Engineering Incorporation of Environmental Flows (EFs) in basin water management under current and future climate scenarios-case study from the Upper Ganges Basin
Rose Gochenaur Parks, Rec, and Tourism The meaning of “global climate change”: Responses from three types of outdoor recreationists
Yoshi Shira Tracy Maezumi Geography Paleofire regimes in Mediterranean climate regions
Tenley Schofield Law Children's Environmental Health Project
Thomas Walsh Civil & Env Engineering The Global Change and Sustainability Center presents: Red Butte Creek revitalization
Yi Qi Geography Seasonal dynamics of live fuel moisture and spectroscopic data in Lodgepole Pine and Sagebrush

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