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Red Butte Creek Research & Teaching

The University of Utah Red Butte Creek Steering Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating, authorizing, and monitoring all research activities associated with the creek from Red Butte Garden, through Research Park, to the University Village.

[bs_well size=”sm”]Any proposed research or creative work that includes any activity within the 100-foot riparian corridor buffer zone on either side of Red Butte Creek needs to be approved by the Steering Committee (click here for larger map)..[/bs_well]

As part of our Stormwater Management Plan the University of Utah strives to prevent pollution from entering Red Butte Creek as well as the local storm drain system. The U prohibits the commencement, conduct or continuance of any illegal, or non-storm water discharge on campus. For more information please visit:

Please request approval by filling out the information below. The Committee will review and approve or deny requests as they are received. Refer to the UU Red Butte Creek Strategic Vision for more information about activities that are encouraged and / or prohibited within the riparian corridor.