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Off-cycle Small Grants

Off-cycle Small Grants

Recognizing that unique student opportunities may occasionally arise, the GCSC may consider off-cycle funding requests of up to $500. Such awards would support enrichment of students' academic experience in interdisciplinary research or training beyond what is available at the U of U. In order for an off-cycle request to be considered, it needs to be time-sensitive and linked to some unique opportunity that cannot be addressed in the regular research and travel grant cycle.

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. The student's advisor must be an active member of the GCSC.
  2. The opportunity must be relevant to the mission of the GCSC.
  3. The opportunity must expand beyond the student's discipline.
  4. Must not have received a travel or off-cycle award in the preceding 12 month period.
  5. If appropriate, students will be expected to present a poster at the annual GCSC Research Symposium.

Application submission

  1. Please use this grant application form.
  2. On the form, explain how the opportunity is interdisciplinary and relates to the mission of the GCSC.
  3. Please ask your faculty advisor to submit a letter of recommendation with the following to (These are not to be submitted by the applicant.)
    • Recommendation for the request
    • Description of the faculty advisor's participation with the GCSC in the past year (committee service or other engagement)
  4. All application materials should be sent to
  5. Requests for research or travel funds should be made through the regular grant process.

Off-cycle timeline


Decisions and funding will be available within 30 days of receipt of a complete application (including faculty materials).