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Nominate / host a seminar speaker

The interdisciplinary GCSC community is invited to nominate accomplished researchers who are also outstanding speakers, able to communicate interesting and relevant work to a broad, interdisciplinary audience. If the seminar committee is able to schedule your nominee, the GCSC will support you as the speaker's host to ensure a successful visit to the U of U.

Hosting a seminar speaker

We are grateful for the time and effort offered by GCSC guest speakers and want them to have an excellent experience when visiting the University of Utah. Hosts are key to ensuring that guests feel welcomed and feel their time is valued. The GCSC staff will work with hosts to make these visits pleasant and productive.
As host, you will:
  • Communicate with the speaker both before and after the visit
  • Arrange for the speaker to meet with faculty with whom they have a shared interest
  • Ensure that the speaker is met upon arrival to campus
  • Be the speaker's point of contact
  • Introduce the speaker at the seminar
  • Plan and host dinner ($50 per person)
GCSC staff will:
  • Book speaker¹s travel
  • Coordinate lunch with GCSC graduate students
  • Manage seminar logistics (space, a/v, videographer, refreshments)
  • Communicate relevant details of the visit to everyone on the itinerary
  • Advertise event
  • Facilitate reimbursements for dinners and travel expenses