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Call for scientific basis for nature-based climate solutions in the U.S.

Two researchers stand on planks supporting flux towers in an Arkansas rice field, an expanse with green tips emerging from the water. Image credit: Rory Doyle (photojournalist).

Bill Anderegg adds his voice as part of a group of researchers from across the United States calling for a scientific basis for nature-based climate solutions (NbCS). Anderegg is the director of the Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy and is a GCSC faculty affiliate.

In their opinion piece in PNAS, the scientists note that “many NbCS are known to boost biodiversity, soil health, and air and water quality”. They offer suggestions for measuring and evaluating these strategies, including a hierarchical system of networks to take measurements over a range of both spatial and temporal scales, and free and open data sharing. Adopting the researchers’ suggestions will take significant coordination, but can shape federal initiatives and leverage funding to support scientifically-sound NbCS projects.

Read the full piece in PNAS.