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Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants 2019

Seed grants are intended to help foster new interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary sustainability and global / environmental change research. The projects below are seen as investments that are likely to lead to new publications and future external grant funding.

2019 seed grant awardees:

Funding was provided by the Global Change and Sustainability Center, the Society Water and Climate Research Group, and iNterdisciplinary EXchange for Utah Science (NEXUS).

Improving Urban Water Management by Bridging the Digital Divide between Urban Farmers and Soil Sensing. Juliet Carlisle, Political Science; Steve Burian, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Hanseup Kim, Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Climatic and Dietary Drivers of Land Cover Change in the Peruvian Andes. Brian Codding, Anthropology; Andrea Brunelle, Geography.

Understanding the Metals we Breathe. Pete Lippert, Geology & Geophysics; Gannet Hallar, Atmospheric Sciences; Kerry Kelly, Chemical Engineering.

Constraining impacts on snow water resources from a warmer climate and radiative forcing by dust on snow in the Wasatch Mountains.  McKenzie Skiles, Geography; Carlos Oroza, Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Spatial and temporal variability in the rhizome microbiome in stormwater green Infrastructure for arid environments. Rose Smith, School of Biological Sciences; Ramesh Goel, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Sarah Hinners, City & Metropolitan Planning.

Evaporated: Tales from the Flats. Wendy Wischer, Art & Art History, Brenda Bowen, Geology & Geophysics.