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Book highlights interdisciplinary learning at U of U field stations

Embedded in Nature book cover

[bs_lead]"Ask alumni what they remember of their undergraduate days; many will quickly recall the excitement of their field station experiences, even decades after they have graduated from the University."1

Over the decades, GCSC founding director Jim Ehleringer has been gratified to see different entities at the University seize upon opportunities to develop field stations for place-based research and training. Now a new book, Embedded in Nature: the University of Utah Field Stations , showcases these resources in one attractive volume. The book was co-authored by an interdisciplinary team: Shaun Daniel, Environmental Humanities graduate, Sylvia Torti, Honors College Dean, Tom Parks, past Vice President for Research, and Brenda Bowen, GCSC Director. The book is available for purchase at the Campus Store. Proceeds from the sale will go toward future research at these field stations. Read more about the book in @theU.

From the book:

[bs_lead]"While we use the term "field station," these locations are actually interdisciplinary learning centers, where students and faculty...come to learn, explore, experience, inspire, collaborate, and create."2

[bs_lead]“These ‘living laboratories’ help us to take our students beyond their comfortable urban lives, instill a sense of wonder, and infuse the quest for discovery and invention."3[/bs_lead]

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