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ADVANCING women faculty in STEM

ADVANCE grant researchers Mercedes Ward, Brenda Bowen, Claudia Geist, Taylor Randall, Myra Washington and Ramón Barthelemy pose with Erin Rothwell.

To build on the U’s current efforts supporting women from diverse backgrounds, especially Women of Color and queer women, the university is embarking on an institutional transformation project using a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation under its ADVANCE program, devoted to enhancing the role of women in the nation’s STEM workforce. The grant will support both research and implementation of campus-wide reforms designed to lower impediments to success. It will also be the first ADVANCE grant focused specifically on LGBTQ+ and Women of Color—and inclusive of both tenure-line and career-line faculty.

“…to tackle the big change global challenges we’re facing, we need the best possible people to do their best possible work. And by systematically making life harder on people based on characteristics that have nothing to do with their scientific capabilities is an inefficient way to operate.” Claudia Geist


GCSC Director Brenda Bowen is a co-PI on this project. Read the full article in At the U.