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GCS 2018: Human Relationships with Water

Bottles of water tagged with the collection location

As a creative response to the symposium at TU Delft titled, Education for Water Resilient Cities, students from the University of Utah's "Global Changes and Society" program assembled an exhibition that offers educators tools for understanding human relationships with water.

Building on the symposium's theme of exploring ways to teach new generations about water, the students created postcards and interactive installations as a way to expand our knowledge of and connections to water. The exhibition is created around the premise that when individual designers understand their relationships with water in a highly personal way, opportunities to create resilient cities of the future will be enhanced.

During the Spring semester, this multi-disciplinary group of students explored water through the lenses of science, the arts and humanities, politics, governance and public health. They explored themes including access to water, social and environmental justice, religious and spiritual practice, and other ways that humans engage with water both consciously and unconsciously.

What emerged from the students’ deeply engaged experience is this modest but expansive installation; a portable museum of water.

Each theme is presented as a wing of the museum. We invite you to touch, read, see, listen, taste, write and explore the ways that water touched the lives of the students who came to understand the urgent need we have to preserve the single most important element of life on Earth.

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