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SEED2SOIL Research Grants

The SEED2SOIL program aims to leverage the world-class research capacity of the University of Utah to generate ideas and knowledge that can improve campus operations while also contributing broader knowledge and/or application.

2022 Awards
  • Networked indoor air quality measurements at the University of Utah
    • Kerry Kelly, Chemical Engineering; Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Darrah Sleeth, Family & Preventive Medicine; Jianli Chen, Civil Engineering; Tony Saad, Chemical Engineering
  • Workforce and Modeling-based Engineering Solution Development for HVAC Inefficiency Auditing in Campus Buildings
    • Jianli Chen, Civil Engineering; Kody Powell, Chemical Engineering

  • Optimizing HVAC for Carbon, Cost and Comfort
    • Todd Easton, Mechanical Engineering
  • Quantifying the Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution on Indoor Air Quality at University of Utah Buildings
    • Daniel Mendoza, Atmospheric Sciences; Tabitha Benney, Political Science
  • U-Walk: A Walk Audit Tool to Facilitate Student Learning and Improve Walking Safety on Campus
    • Andy Hong, City & Metropolitan Planning; Tom Millar College of Architecture & Planning
  • Quantifying the carbon and air quality footprint of the University of Utah using TRAX-mounted instrumentation, traffic, and tap-on/tap-off ridership data
    • John Lin, Derek Mallia, Daniel Mendoza, Atmospheric Sciences
Waste, Recycling and Compost:
  • Upcycle Soft Plastic Wastes to Filament for 3D Printing On Campus
    • Chen Wang, Materials Science and Engineering