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Information for Poster Presenters

2019 Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium

5:00 – 7:00 pm, Union ballroom

Set up at 4:30

Food, music, and great conversations!

1) Prepare your poster

2) Print your poster if you do not yet have one

  • For those GCSC travel or research grant recipients required to participate in the symposium, we will pay for the cost of printing a standard 4′ by 3′ poster at the Marriott Library. Your name will be on a list provided to the Student Computing Services (SCS) desk on the second floor where you submit your poster for printing.
  • The library needs your file as a JPEG or TIFF file on a flash drive. However, you can¹t save as a JPEG or TIFF directly from PowerPoint, or the image quality will be poor. You should follow these instructions instead:
    • Go to File > Save As. Under File Format, select PDF.
    • Open the PDF in Adobe Photoshop. (We have Photoshop available on our computers if needed.)
    • Go to Image > Image Size. Verify that the width, height, and resolution are correct. Click OK.
    • Go to File > Save As. Under Format, select JPEG or TIFF. Choose a location and file name for your file and click Save. Click OK on the default save settings.
  • More info on printing a poster here and here
  • The turnaround time depends on how many other posters are in the queue. With a correctly formatted file, you might get your poster in under 30 minutes. But, as people tend to wait until the last minute before events like this, turnaround times can be several hours.

3) Hang and present your poster

  • We need to arrange ~90 posters, which necessitates some adjusting. Please arrive at 4:30 to hang your poster.
  • Is this your first poster session? Here are some tips:
    • Unlike formal verbal presentation, poster sessions provide one-on-one interactions between the audience and presenters. It is a great way to obtain feedback on your project. You are not expected to just stand there and watch people read your poster. Introduce yourself and engage your audience in a conversation.
    • Remain at the poster for the entire session so that your audience gets the benefit of your knowledge along with the information displayed on the poster.

4) In the meantime, spread the word

The symposium celebrates interdisciplinary student research in climate, global change impacts, natural and human-built ecosystems, policy, and/or sustainability and is attended by a broad, interdisciplinary campus community. It offers a relaxed environment with good food, live music, and opportunities for conversation with faculty and students from more than 20 different departments. Invite your advisor, friends and colleagues!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Laurie Mecham

Julie Johnsson