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The demand for secure and sustainable energy is a fundamental need in today’s world. How will we continue to meet the energy demands of economically stable and technologically advancing societies, while also transitioning from traditional fossil fuel based systems to the clean and renewable energy systems needed to ensure a livable future? Researchers a the University of Utah are working to address energy issues from multiple perspectives; from increasing the safety and efficiency carbon capture and sequestration, to improved battery and solar photovoltaic development, to smart grid technologies. This work aims to improve the efficacy of the energy systems of today, while also imagining and facilitating the energy transition to the systems of tomorrow.

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The Utah Energy & Power Innovation Center (U-EPIC) includes engineers, social scientists, climate scientists and computer scientists, with a mission to “innovate the future of equitable, sustainable and resilient power and energy infrastructure.”

The Energy & Geoscience Institute engages geoscience and engineering professionals to expand the body of scientific research and knowledge in the hydrocarbon and geothermal fields.

The Institute for Clean and Secure Energy educates through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.

Southwest CO2 Sequestration Partnership - U of U researchers are involved with this national consortium studying the feasibility of capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide.

U-Smart Campus initiative brings together technology, campus governance, students, and faculty to enable smarter energy, water, transportation, waste, and food systems for the University of Utah.


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