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The impacts of global and local emissions create complex challenges that demand far-reaching solutions. Globally, the livability of urban centers with growing population and industrial booms is in question. Locally, the Wasatch Front is faced with place-specific challenges of wintertime inversions that lock emissions in the valley and summertime ozone generated from emissions reacting with sunlight. Researchers at the University of Utah are working to address both global and local air quality issues through novel data collection and the integration of many disciplines including engineering, natural science, health sciences, communication, and behavioral science.

Find air quality research and scholarship in our sustainability inventory.

Students in the GCSC’s Global Changes and Society course focused class projects in 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019 on local air quality issues and have developed several innovative solution-driven initiatives.

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The Air Quality Scholars program provides scholarships, training, and engagement opportunities to U of U undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in understanding and improving air quality.

The Program for Air Quality, Health and Society aims to exploit the distinctive and varied environment in the state to generate new knowledge concerning the impact of air quality on human health and society.

Utah Atmospheric Trace Gas & Air Quality Lab - The mission of the lab is to collect and analyze long term, high frequency, high precision, and spatially variable trace gas and air quality data with the aim of understanding the spatial distribution and long term trends throughout Salt Lake Valley and Northern Utah.

Improving the Air We Breathe: Emission Mitigation Strategies for the University of Utah includes recommendations by the Air Quality Task Force that will help the University take pragmatic and proactive steps to reduce its contribution to the Salt Lake Valley’s air quality issues.


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