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Explore your impact on air pollution in the Salt Lake valley through these interactive applications and help us clear the air!

For their project, the Air Quality scholars want to help people understand how they can make a difference in the air we all breathe. They invite you to take the air quality survey below to learn more about the impact of your behaviors, and then to take the air quality pledge to do even more to improve our air.

How Do You Contribute to Air Pollution in Your Community?
Take the air quality survey
How Will You Help Clear the Air?
Take the air quality survey

For a comprehensive look at air pollution risk factors, how exposure to air pollution occurs, and improvement strategies that are associated with air quality, see Air Pollution and Public Health in Utah, produced by the Utah Environmental Epidemiology Program.

The Air Quality Scholars program, sponsored by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Sustainability Office, and the Global Change and Sustainability Center, provides scholarships, training, and engagement opportunities to U of U undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in understanding and improving air quality.

Air Quality Scholars will:

  • better understand campus and community efforts to improve air quality
  • participate in the air quality symposium “The Air We Breathe” (October 3, 2019)
  • complete a campus or community project designed to improve air quality


Thomas Becnel

Samuel Bey

Angelina DeMarco

Linda Derhak

Sarah Hogg

Andres Lopez

G. David McNay

Baylee Olds

Zahra Saifee

Amanda Shepherd



Computer Engineering

Environmental & Sustainability Studies & Geography, Applied GIS


Health, Society and Policy

Fine Arts (graphic design)

Professional Masters of Business

Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Environmental Geoscience

Biology and Communications

Computer Science


PhD student


PhD student



Master's student

PhD student




This project would not have been possible without help from Meghan Dovick, Emerson Andrews, Daniel Mendoza, Whitney Tassie, Annie Burbidge Ream, Laurie Mecham, and Adam Thomson. Thank you to SCIF for funding our project.

Project creators: Tom Becnel, Ang DeMarco, Sarah Hogg, Baylee Olds.

Please direct inquiries regarding the air quality apps and this website to